The Spit

This section of shoreline is a tight-knit community of eclectic souls riding the same vibe.


"The Spit," as Point Monroe is affectionately known, is a literal pile of sand. As a trained geologist with a fascination for the island's unique geological character, I have an appreciation for this stretch of shoreline – this finger of land is here because sand eroded from cliffs to the south (along Sunrise Drive) and was moved into place by the waters of Puget Sound. Over time, it became hard enough to support two rows of residential houses, one on the "Puget Sound side" and the other on the "lagoon side." Water surrounds homes on this peninsula.

The Puget Sound side of The Spit is one of the most spectacular places to soak in the views of Puget Sound. Under the warm sun and with blue skies, one can see the Cascade Mountains from Mount Baker all the way south to Mount Rainier. Big, open water allows the day's wind to produce waves that crash on shore with steady rhythm just steps from people's decks – something not familiar to most waterfront homes on Bainbridge Island.

The lagoon side of The Spit is tranquil and quiet. I sold a home here last year and had spent a lot of time mesmerized by the patterns the tidal movement creates on the surface of the water as it slowly moves around circularly. And since some of these homes are south facing, they are sheltered from winter's north wind while taking in the precious sunshine and become an oasis in the cold, dark months.

Living here is not for the faint of heart. The trade-off for summer's epic sunshine is the exposure to winter's storms during the gloomy months. While the water does redirect a lot of light into the windows to make it bright even on overcast days, the street can have saltwater up to one's ankles when the tide experiences a winter storm surge. The impact of this short-term event varies by property, depending on the location (the elevation decreases as one move towards the tip) and type of foundation a property has.

If you purchase a home here, you will be neighbors with Uncle Sam – one of six undeveloped parcels in the middle of The Spit that has "US Government" named as the property owner on the deed.


This no-bank waterfront lifestyle is the epitome of beach living – homes stacked up like sardines, boats, and kayaks tied to docks, and beach grasses as landscaping. Contrary to the rest of Bainbridge, there are practically no trees here, so the homes are exposed to the weather, as they lack natural protection. This is a tight-knit community of eclectic souls riding the same vibe. They look after each other and ensure the lifestyle is maintained. Residents here actually have their own July 4th parade down Point Monroe Drive.


In 2023, there were six residential sales on Point Monroe. The average sale price of a home was $1,559,500 (ranging from $895,000 to $2,700,000). Other averages: price per square foot, $848; sale to list price ratio, 98.2%; days on market, 14.

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