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Why this website is better than Zillow, redfin and trulia

If you’re searching homes for sale on Bainbridge Island, it’s likely you have typed “Zillow Bainbridge Island” or “Redfin Bainbridge Island” into your favorite search engine.

Those sites provide a fantastic user experience for browsing, but what they simply cannot provide is personal service. Sure, thousands of agents are advertising there. But, it’s likely the agent that gets your inquiry through those “portals” has never been in the homes you’re interested in and is not likely to be an expert in the neighborhoods you’re considering.

If you’re searching for a home on Bainbridge Island, that should be different because we take relationships seriously around here.

My listing searches look great on your mobile device, and the results of your queries are 100% accurate to the MLS database (which is not true for Zillow and the others). I see over 80% of the homes for sale on Bainbridge Island every year through a commitment to the weekly Broker Tour for Realtors on the island. On any given week, I’ll see a dozen or more homes right as they have hit the market.

When you sign up for an auto search with me, you’ll get search results guaranteed to be accurate, and you’ll have an agent who knows the properties hitting your Inbox via auto alerts. As we develop a relationship I will be able to become your eyes and ears on the ground.

So if you would like to work with a Bainbridge Island Realtor that truly does have local expertise, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

About homes for sale on Bainbridge island, wa

Homes here can have ten acres of privacy or be on a postage stamp lot in a neighborhood of tract homes. Some have a view of the mountains and/or waters of Puget Sound, and others have a view of the forest around them. While most are designed by architects and custom built by local quality builders, some developments were constructed en masse. Some homes live with a significant amount of all day sunlight, others live in the woods and don't see too much sun but maybe around the summer solstice when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. And while some homes are on public water and sewer, many are on private wells and/or septic systems.

Not only is it important to find the right home for your lifestyle, but it’s crucial to have an advocate on your side that will be relentless in pursuing due diligence on your behalf.

What all the homes on Bainbridge Island have in common is they share a slice of heaven. This place has held families for generations and is continually seeing newcomers (both young families and retiring Baby Boomers alike) because it has something to offer everybody. The sense of community here is strong.

If you have questions about the homes for sale on Bainbridge Island, know that I see about 80% of the homes and condos that hit the market on Bainbridge every year (meaning I step foot in well over 300 residences). If you have questions about a specific property, it’s likely I’ve been in it and can answer your questions quickly and easily.


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