Manzanita Bay

This quiet cove is perfect for people who seek anchorage at their own private dock.


Manzanita Bay is one of the most quiet and peaceful anchorage on Bainbridge Island. After Eagle Harbor and Port Madison, this waterfront neighborhood has the highest concentration of docks and buoys on the island, save maybe The Spit.

The residents of Manzanita Bay enjoy that it keeps a very low profile and residents here don’t mind that it doesn’t have a spectacular open-water view with the mountains and boat traffic in the background because of the serenity that is the tradeoff. I know one owner whose favorite quality of this stretch of shoreline is that he cannot hear anything other than the birds and airplanes overheads. This tranquility is the single most important part of their lifestyle here.


Most of the homes on the west side of Manzanita Bay are low to medium bank, and on the east side are medium to high bank. Access to the water is a crucial part of the lifestyle, as evidenced by how many waterfront homes here have private docks or registered buoys (half of the homes sold in 2016-2017 had a dock). As such, many of the homes have beach access, be it with extensively built steps or a well-built trail.


In 2023, there were five residential sales in the Battle Point & Fletcher Bay area. The average sale price of a home was $3,695,740 (ranging from $1,500,000 to $4,155,700). Other averages: price per square foot, $1,019; sale to list price ratio, 102.3 %; days on market, 7.

waterfront property for sale in manzanita bay on bainbridge island, wa

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