"Jason’s eagerness and love for the island was a breath of fresh air to us. We did not know Bainbridge at all and needed someone who could work with us honestly to find what we were looking for. Jason was generous with his time to educate us on the complications of waterfront homes and kept us current on properties that may be a good fit.. When we found our home, Jason went out of his way to help us understand the technicalities so we could make informed decisions with a real sense of security. He is intuitive enough to understand his client’s needs and his attention to detail and patience was key in representing us. Jason has exceeded our expectations and we recommend him before any other. "

— Virginia & Richard @ Sunrise Drive Estate

"Mr Shutt’s primary goal was to put us in position to find the perfect house, regardless of value or how long it took. He inspired trust the moment we met and is easy to work with. Jason eagerly made sure we had all the relevant facts to be honestly educated about Bainbridge. We appreciate that he prepared us for the best decision while never becoming a part of the decision making process; he left that to us. We never felt rushed and respect how much work he did without ever pressuring us. Call Mr. Shutt!"

— Juan & Maria Bianchi @ North Tolo

"We hired Jason because of the great deal of integrity we witnessed in his community volunteer work and we knew he would bring this to ensure the best possible outcome for our family. Jason took the time to be present with us, and for us, as we navigated an emotional move and found our dream home. Our work with him was meaningful and so much more than just a “transaction”; he always showed up in ways that went above and beyond his professional responsibilities and it’s sad to not have had more time working with him! Both our transactions were so smooth with Mr. Shutt–we absolutely recommend him to others."

— Stacy & Kelsey Marshall @ North Town Woods & Sherman Hill

"In the 30 years that we have been buying and selling properties, Mr. Shutt is by far the best Realtor with whom we have worked. We know Jason from various boards and community organizations, and hired him specifically for his integrity. We wanted an agent who we knew would always do the right thing and know him to be altruistic and truthful with an approach that is not formulaic or reactive, but intentional and analytic. He met every challenge with thorough investigations, provided a range of solutions and added a good sense of perspective to both our transactions. We recommend Jason as a true real estate “professional” in every sense of the word."

— Steve & Dana Webber @ Grand Ave & Sakai Village

"Jason was highly recommended through a friend of the family and was, most importantly, on our side every step of the way! Not only was he willing to put on boots to walk the muddy parts of my property, but he had an outstanding marketing plan that got the attention of thousands of buyers and he received dozens of calls and took the time to find the right buyer for what turned out to be a challenging property to sell. In the end, he truly went to bat for us and got the highest possible price in the time frame we needed. Jason IS the realtor to hire- he has your best interest in mind, did the extra research to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, even catching things most realtors wouldn’t think of. And he’s not afraid to dig in and get his hands dirty! There is literally nothing I wish would have been done differently and I can’t recommend him highly enough!"

— David Crist @ Lofgren

"As a 30-year commercial real-estate developer and investor from Tulsa, OK I and am grateful Jason was my eyes and ears from 2000 miles away. He always answered my hundreds of questions with an attentive eye focused on the prize and in the heat of battle, against another offer, he ensured I made my waterfront palace my trophy. He has earned a seat at my table as a trusted advisor and friend. I suggest you experience his thoroughness, personal values, humor, and life experience on the island. I can’t think of any stone left unturned and soon we will be searching for more investment property."

— Michael Sager @ Gordon

"Jason positioned my very challenging property in the market in the best manner to sell and attracted multiple buyers. Every time we hit a wall, he had several solutions for me to choose from, keeping it simple and strait forward. He kept me well informed so I was never wondering about the process. Mr. Shutt is honest and trustworthy, and short of being able to make the wetlands go dry, he could not have sold this tough parcel any more smoothly."

— Chris Blazina @ Nachant

"I knew Jason’s integrity, sense of humor and commitment from his work on various community projects. Not only did he leap on every new house that met my price point and opportunity, but he used my values in creative writing of terms of contract and I beat four other offers. In addition to being committed to finding your dream home, he’s persistent and will be a great listener. Let him work miracles for you as he did for me."

— Perry Barrett @ Foster

"We hired Jason based on our first impression of him. His honest demeanor, straightforward approach, and clear depth of knowledge regarding the Island market gave us sincere peace of mind. We appreciated that Mr. Shutt always raised the right questions to ensure proper discussion and evaluation of every situation. As we progressed, our confidence was reinforced when we saw how proactive, prepared, patient and perceptive he is. We strongly recommend Mr. Shutt to anyone looking to purchase a home on Bainbridge Island."

— Ben & Sarah Upsall @ Madison

"I knew Jason would bring his knowledge and expertise of the housing market to our home, even though it was outside the region he works most. What was most important is I knew he would make the selling process as easy as possible for my wife while I was out of state with my new job. Jason’s attention to detail started at the first meeting and he kept that standard all the way through until the buyers had their keys. I can’t think of anything Jason didn’t do well for us."

— John Voigt in Tacoma

"I can’t believe how Jason removed all the stress from my transaction. He was truly interested in getting to know me and what I wanted and needed, he connected me to a thorough mortgage broker and kept showing me homes until I found the one that made me smile. And even though I had some bumps slow me down, he remained a patient problem-solver and never disappeared. I could not be happier with my new home on Bainbridge!"

— Trish Rantos @ Ellingsen

"Mr. Shutt’s skill set is perfect for real estate because he understands people and strives to make difficult things easy for them. Jason helped us get our rental house ready for the market, and then got it sold quickly at a great price in the dead of winter. His market analysis was strategic and well researched, which set us up for success; we would not have been able to this without him. We highly recommend him."

— Jim & Trish Corsetti @ Hansville

"I knew Jason would be my agent the minute I met him because of his authenticity. He decreased the anxiety around this process and he was AMAZING to work with- he made such an overwhelming process EASY. Mr. Shutt educated me on the entire home buying process; if I had a question, he had an answer. His negotiating skills impressed me the most and I am thankful he was my advocate. I never thought working with a Realtor could be so enjoyable and stress free, but his diligence in constantly checking in made me feel like I was his only client and I can’t think of anything he could have done better. "

— Tommy Dillon, Buyer @ Parfitt Way

"Jason met my satisfaction by ensuring I knew what was happening each step of the way. I don’t know if other Realtors follow up with their clients this much, but this process was made so much easier because Jason told me ahead of time what needed to happen and when. Mr. Shutt is highly recommendable."

— George & Margaret Sterling @ Battle Point

"Jason brings a positive attitude, clear communication, strong commitment and will do everything possible to make your sale happen. He is persistent, hands on, rational and flexible. Most importantly, he is always supportive during such an extremely stressful time. The only thing I wish he could have done is sell my house for twice the price!"

— Lucia Olson @ Manitou Beach

"We worked with Mr. Shutt because of his well-respected reputation on the island. Jason was incredibly accessible and always positive and solution-focused even during some very challenging episodes during our closing; he proved to be a trusted and indispensable partner during the process and was a calming voice of logic and reason. Jason is not only an exceptional broker, but he is also an exceptional person; his consistently honest, customer-oriented approach never ceased to amaze us and we are 100% confident that he will take care of your family just as well as he took care of ours! "

— Pat & Susan Murray @ 11th Avenue

"Mr Shutt negotiated well and made sure we went in to a multiple offer situation with the strongest offer to make our ideal move to Bainbridge a reality. His recommendations always balanced our needs with what made for a good investment; this is the kind of honesty we appreciate. He is easy to be around, very knowledgeable about the Island and a clear and timely communicator. His attention to detail was superb, from previews of new properties through and beyond the end of escrow, so we had all the necessary information laid out in front of us to make the process efficient. We can’t think of one thing that Jason should have done differently. In fact, we wish he was representing the buyer for the house we are selling in Snohomish because the process would be going much more smoothly."

— Maegan & Chris Blackwell @ Eagle Cliff

"Jason worked tirelessly to keep the purchase transaction on track and really made the process easy for me. In addition, I felt that his advice was honest and reflected my needs, not his. He will be handling the listing and sale of the property from which I am moving."

— Randall Walker @ Sunrise

"We have known Jason for a long time. We knew he would bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the sale of our home. His insight to the market’s dynamics helped us successfully position our home in the right spot so buyers were chasing us above our asking price. We successfully sold our home at full value thanks to Jason’s efforts. We would unequivocally recommend him to others as he was an asset in helping to sell our home. "

— Pat & Irene McSweeney @ 71st Avenue