Fletcher Bay – Battle Point

This is the west coast of the island and ideal for late night summer get togethers.


The west side of the island is about one thing- late day and evening sun.

Given the climate of the Pacific Northwest and how densely forested the island is, life can be more damp and dark during some times of year than in some parts of the country. The right waterfront home on this part of Bainbridge Island, however, can ensure the dinner and evening hours of life coincide with the sun setting to the west. And at the summer solstice, the sun sets after 9:15 pm.

Depending on the time of year, the sun may be setting west-south-west (winter, 235°) or north-west north (summer, 307°). As a result, then, the sun is always setting in a different part of the sky throughout the year. This presents one with an opportunity to learn how your home lives with mother nature across all four seasons.

This stretch of the island runs parallel to the central part of Kitsap Peninsula, and home sites are anywhere from a half mile to 3 miles across from the land directly out the windows. This provides quite a variety of perspective along the shoreline.  Homes on the southern end of this section will be close enough to the other side that it can feel like being on the side of a large river. On the northern end, the few nautical miles across bring a feeling of a vast plain of open water and big skies to encompass one's gaze out to the horizon. Except for the marina in Brownsville and Keyport Naval Base (also known as Torpedo Town, USA), there are only homes scattered in the woods and beaches on the other side.

Tucked in this neighborhood section of shoreline is Fletcher Bay- a pristine inlet behind an enormous sand spit at its mouth. This quiet bay provides solitude for those who enjoy being tucked in the woods, but on the waterfront. Residents here are likely to have a personal watercraft in the water and human-powered devices in their beach shacks.

BEACH ACCESS Fletcher Bay & Battle Point

The height of the bank may undulate more than any other stretch of shoreline on the island between no bank, low bank, medium bank and high bank waterfront properties. This means one site may be able to stroll right out to their beach while their neighbor a few hundred feet down the shore may not even be able to access their beach.

Homes in this area have a good chance of being on a larger than average size waterfront parcel with estate-like frontages.

My favorite waterfront home site on the entire island is on this stretch of shoreline. I sold this house, which sits back in the woods about 60' back from the top of the 20' tall bank. After a day of the sun beating down on the beach/bluff, the environment can feel like it's in the 80's or 90's, while at the same time the home, shaded by the trees, can feel cool in the 70's. That's a lifestyle I could handle.


In 2023, there were five residential sales in the Battle Point & Fletcher Bay area. The average sale price of a home was $3,695,740 (ranging from $1,500,000 to $4,155,700). Other averages: price per square foot, $1,019; sale to list price ratio, 102.3 %; days on market, 7.

waterfront property for sale on the west side of  bainbridge island, wa

Search listings on Fletcher Bay and Battle Point and please do contact me with specific questions about any property - I will reply with answers as soon as I am able, usually before the end of the day.

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Visit the overview page to explore the 10 neighborhoods of waterfront homes on Bainbridge Island or just use this Google My Map or the menu to navigate around the other sections of shoreline. 

I have also assembled a Google My Map for you to explore the quiet streets of these neighborhoods and utilize the several dozen public beach access points on the island.

And if you have questions about how these properties may suit your lifestyle, please just ask me (but first, learn about my expertise in the waterfront homes niche of the Bainbridge Island real estate market).