3 Problems I Will Solve For You

Home sellers generally experience three pain points while making this life transition; I pride myself on making the process as smooth as possible on your mental state with my list of over 100 action items.

"Jason's skill set is perfect for real estate because he understands people and strives to make difficult things easy for them."

-Jim & Trish Corsetti

"Jason was our real estate whisperer."

-John Hatton & Jon Hewus

There’s definitely value in working with a broker who makes the process as simple as possible.”

-Steve Hook

"Jason is a true real estate professional in every sense of the word."

-Dana and Steve Webber

"We know Jason to be a man of integrity"

-Mary Kay Dolejsi & Chris Russell

"Jason's killer marketing package positioned us for 5 offers."

-Nate & Marguerite Thomas

"Jason was quite skilled at giving us advice we could rely on, but left the decisions to us."

-Steve & Lynn Rowe

I will reduce your financial stress

You don't have to spend as much as you think. This is an area where I strive to provide a strategy that has the best cost benefit for your situation. Let's work together to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

Jason does his homework, especially in how to price and prepare a home for the market. - Steve Hook


i will demystify and streamline the Process

When you consider all the personal property moving around and all the vendors performing work on your home, reaching a smooth outcome depends on a skill level of project management that few in the real estate profession grasp. This is where having a decade+ middle school science teacher as your Realtor is a great strategy.

Every time we hit a wall, Jason had solutions ready to go. - Chris Blazina 


i will provide emotional Support

Consider me on call 24/7/365 to ensure you have what you need. Whether an estate attorney in life-death situations, or a credit with a massage therapist when it matters most, it should go without saying that the extent that I strive to provide emotional support goes way beyond what you think a salesman would be capable of.

Jason was our real estate whisperer - John & Jon