Solving Your Problems

this is where i bring my value

Unlike buying a latte or a new car, a real estate transaction is an incredibly long sales cycle. As such, there are well over 101 items on my list of things to do just to bring your home to the market, with an additional few hundred steps to get to the closing table.

Along the way, there are generally three pain points that consumers experience while checking items off the list. The impact of each element on a transaction and a life's transition can be complicated, and I pride myself on making the process as smooth as possible on your mental state.



There are seemingly endless demands that require payment. In cases where your sale’s proceeds dictate your purchasing power moving forward, the stakes can be high. Considering how stressful money is for so many people, this is an area where I strive to provide a strategy that has the best cost benefit for your situation.

Please, don’t spend any money until we meet.



If you were to estimate the time required to complete the hundreds of tasks required to get your home sold, you’d be shocked. Many dozens, if not hundreds, of hours will be required. When you consider all the personal property moving around and all the vendors performing work on your home, reaching a smooth outcome depends on a skill level of project management that few in the real estate profession grasp. 

This is where having a decade+ middle school science teacher as your Realtor is a great strategy.



Who’s helping you? No matter how many people you may have on your team, consider me on call 24/7/365 to ensure you have what you need. I once had to seek out an estate attorney while at an M’s game alone with my kids because a seller-client had a life/death situation and they were unprepared for the worst-case scenario. I also bought that client a few massages.

It should go without saying, then, that the extent that I strive to provide emotional support goes way beyond what you think a salesman would be capable of.


"When seeking financial guidance, find an advocate that has the heart of a teacher, not that of a salesman." 

- Dave Ramsey