Agate Passage

This stretch of shoreline is the gateway to the Kitsap Peninsula.


The waterway that is Agate Passage is commonly known as Agate Pass - it stretches from in front of Manzanita Drive up to the north tip of the island, known as Agate Point. This is where "the bridge" (that accesses greater Kitsap County) is located. The neighborhood of streets inside much of the peninsula that is Agate Point is known as Agate Loop, even though that street name was retired decades ago when the neighborhood grew up. This is the area my family and I call home.

Interestingly, this part of the island, known as “the north end," is stigmatized for its long distance away from Winslow. At 6 miles north of town, the collective perception of people living in other parts of the island is that one has to travel a great way to visit friends who live here. Maybe it's because most people take "the highway" to get this far north and that transmits a feeling of traveling on a real journey. Whatever it is, it's uncanny. The irony is, this area is very close to Poulsbo and Kingston (also 6 miles each), which have a lot to offer people looking for something different than what Winslow has to offer.

This section of shoreline is very long, and its waterfront homes may face southwest, northwest, north, northeast or due east depending on the location. And the distance across the water to the Kitsap Peninsula varies widely from an 850' at the bridge to 5 nautical miles from Agate Point across to Indianola. The wide variety of orientations and subsequent amount of natural sunlight, combined with varying amounts of open water, present a myriad of dramatic home sites.

While the west-facing homes can be some of the most coveted settings in waterfront homes on the island because of the sunsets, there are some aspects of life in this section that are deficits to home value. Some side streets intersect with Highway 305 and can require a great deal of patience to navigate during traffic congestion. Homes close to the bridge may experience "bridge noise" or have a view of the bridge itself (or both). And from 7-10 pm on Thursday nights in July and August every summer, the casino in Suquamish hosts outdoor live music which carries over the water and may be considered a nuisance by some homeowners within earshot. There are indeed pockets of homes in this section where these variables can suppress home value in noticeable ways.

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While most of this shoreline is a medium and high bank, some parts are low or no bank. Generally speaking, expect home sites here to have a higher setting and present a beautiful overlooking view of the water. That said, many homes in this area do have access to the water despite their height above it. The amount of frontage in this section is as variable as bank height and orientation towards the sun- lots can be quite narrow (less than 50′), or they can be a stately 200′ (one lot here boasts 386′). The good news is that once someone accesses the beach, they will discover this entire section is perfect for beachcombing when the tide is out.


In 2023, there were five residential sales in Agate Pass. The average sale price of a home was $4,305,000 (ranging from $3,685,000 to $5,655,000). Other averages: price per square foot, $1,540; sale to list price ratio, 125.8%; days on market, 7. This year’s data set is incredibly skewed, given one of the three homes sold for 77% over asking price!

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