Real Estate Market Report – Bainbridge Island

I love a great Infographic. When I was a classroom teacher, I knew how powerful visual communication was as an aid to learning and understanding. The best part was the conversations that ensued after the audience started asking questions.

Real estate can be complex and the usual reports can be confusing. But, when shown through powerful graphics, what’s happening in a market like Bainbridge Island becomes fascinating and thought provoking.

That was my inspiration: to provide a monthly real estate “Market Report” that lets you instantly see what is happening on our island. And hopefully ask questions!

As your Bainbridge Island Realtor, my goal is to educate you about the market in a very enjoyable way so it feels more like fun and less like work.

This monthly report is one of my attempts to do just that. To receive the monthly graphic when the data is fresh off the press, subscribe here.

You can find every month’s report in the archive here.

And please, let me answer your questions by contacting me directly at 206.399.3641 or

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