Purge With Purpose Part 2

By Jason "Mr." Shutt

In Part 1 of this two-part post, we covered the fact that separating yourself from your life’s possessions is a major decision and it really takes thoughtful planning and strategic decision making to do it right.

Besides choosing between donations and discarding some of your clutter, there’s also an opportunity to make some cash by selling some of your possessions you no longer need.

For Sale Strategies

You won’t be able to sell everything at once. Rather, be intentional about sorting stuff into piles by the various destinations they have.

One modern way to sell is online is through Facebook. You can join the Facebook group Bainbridge Garage Sale here to sell stuff to other islanders.

An old-fashioned garage sale still can work best and be the fastest way to get rid of a lot of clutter in just a weekend or a day. Posting several directional signs can really drive traffic from a nearby busy roadway, and so can teaming up with others. Reach out to your neighbors and see if they want to hold garage sales at the same team. Joining with other families can triple your traffic and that’s great for everyone. Be sure you promote it on Facebook and even use local flyers. Use balloons to make it easy for cars to find your sale. (And don't forget to remove your signs, balloons and flyers afterwards).

Estate Liquidators

I highly recommend contacting Pauline Nolta, founder of EZ Life Transitions, to assist in orchestrating the process of a downsize. She can coordinate an on site or virtual estate sale and assist in getting all items moved to their next destination. Learn more by clicking here or calling her at 206.295.8194. As for cost- she can boast that she has never had a client had to pay her out of pocket.

You could also contact Stokes Auction between Gig Harbor and Port Orchard to arrange an estate sale on your property or at their location off Highway 16. Contact them here or at 360-876-0236.

Clothing Consignment

You can have a wardrobe consultation with Carol Ingles and consign clothing at her store Closet Transfer underneath the Streamliner Diner by my office. It’s best to make an appointment with her 206.842.1515 and she can arrange to come by your home.

eBay or Craigslist?

You can sell items on Craigslist or eBay but first learn which venue is better here. And though pawn shops don’t offer the best price, they do offer the quickest and easiest cash. Search in South Kitsap or see what Aurora Loans accepts here.

Junk Hauling

1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers beginning to end service- from trash pick up to all the sorting, loading, clean-up, recycling, salvaging and disposal of the items you don’t want. As a full-service junk hauling company, they make it all disappear. Their name is their phone number.


Making The Move

Reliable Storage rents a moving van for local moves at a very affordable rate. They can be reached at 206.209.0386.

Bainbridge Self Storage near Sakai and Woodward Schools rents UHaul trucks for both local and one way moves. 206.855.6080

A lot of locals have great things to say about Poulsbo-based Hill Moving Services. With 40 years of moving and storage experience they’re equipped to handling local and interstate moving throughout the country. Their number is 360.697.3969.

To have Anne Browne of My Strong Sons haul stuff locally in her truck, call her at 206.818.4677.

Check with your employer as they may have a discount rate for professional movers or can recommend the best moving firm to use. If you select one on your own, you should get three bids – you may see a considerable range in pricing and services that are included.

Of course if it’s a smaller move, you can always ask a friend to borrow a truck, so long as you feed them dinner and fill up the gas tank.

And there are various unlicensed providers that can be found online; I advise you to proceed cautiously since these services are not backed up with their own insurance coverage.

Packing Supplies

Cardboard moving boxes can be purchased on Bainbridge Island at the UPS Store or make friends with a local merchant who might save you some boxes. If you can reuse them and have storage room in your new place, consider investing in plastic storage bins for moving and organizing items.

Remember to Take a Deep Breath

The next phase holds great things for you. Spend some time reflecting on how the transition needs to be organized to ensure the greatest amount of joy and inner peace upon completion. Assemble your team and chart the course: you got this.