Why Work With Jason

Sellers: Non-Traditional Marketing

Virtual Tour Video: The typical agent’s virtual tour consists of a slideshow of the listing photos with maybe some text - hardly dynamic and engaging. On the other hand, my videos are meant to sell the property, as in sell it. I hire a cinematic quality videographer to create a short film about your home to capture the emotions of the unique features of the location and where the principal value is. I want buyers contacting their agent to arrange a showing before the video has ended because they can practically feel what property has to offer.

Social Media: I believe Facebook is the world’s best billboard because over 100 million Americans older than 40 have an account and each user’s profile provides big data for marketers to hyper-target to. When you see a "Sponsored" post in your feed, it's because a marketer has targeted you based on criteria they set to find you based on your online behavior. Creepy, sure. Effective sales tactic, absolutely. I take advantage of the big data Facebook has on people to get your home’s marketing materials in front of those that matter - your qualified buyers. And they’re usually on a mobile device.

 Mobile-friendly website: Once an interested Buyer clicks on my Facebook ad for your home, they are directed to your home’s very own website (a specific URL such as jasonshutt.com/123-Main). Here, they’ll find a user experience so appealing, they will spend time on the page and discover everything they need to fall in love with your home. Then, they'll schedule a showing.

 Sellers: Traditional Marketing

Preparation: To command top dollar, your home needs to be clean, comfortable and in good repair. The more turn-key the property is, the higher the level of interest will be. Similar to how you would clean and service a car before selling it, there is a series of steps to start months ahead of time to ensure your home makes a great impression when it hits the market.

Staging: Also helping command top-dollar is making the home provide a sense of place. When furniture is properly used to define each space, allowing people to envision their lives taking place there, chances are increased that they will linger and maybe just fall in love with it. Studies show that staged houses sell in fewer days and for a higher percentage of their list price.

High-Resolution Photos: Not surprisingly, 92% of home buyers start their process online. Your pictures must say the proper thousands of words to encourage serious buyers to want to arrange a showing. Your property needs to look its best for the photo shoot.

Broker Tour: The truth is, the most critical "sell" is to local Realtors. An attractive property will easily draw 50 agents to tour your home on a single Thursday. These pros have all the buyers in their back pockets, and you want them contacting their clients before they leave the premises; they can, and often do, sell a house during the crucial first two weeks.

MLS: Today, both Realtors and consumers have access to a listing within minutes of it being entered in the Multiple Listing Service database. This information makes its ways through hundreds of portals around the interweb and buyers often have notifications set up for new listings meeting their criteria. Interestingly, studies show users spend more time on listings that have proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar; you can rest assured my marking remarks are flawless.


One of my favorite aspects of this job is educating people of the homes on Bainbridge Island- and the more homes we can see together and discuss remotely gives you more "data points" to make a more informed decision. I ask questions, perhaps ad nauseum, to make certain you go into the purchasing process with eyes wide open.

My approach when writing an offer is to call the listing agent and ask what is most important to the Seller. Then by helping you fully understand the nuanced process that is a real estate transaction, I can help you decide how to submit an offer worth accepting. If you need to compete against other buyers in this competitive marketplace, I'll ensure you submit an offer that gives you a shot in a multiple offer situation.

I have a client who beat four other offers and the Seller left serious money on the table because she wanted to work with my Buyer - all because I asked the right question.

I tour every new home on the Island’s market each week, and by learning your criteria, I can look at the home through your eyes, send photos and videos, even upload an extensive walk through to YouTube so you can get a real sense of the property from afar. The first waterfront property I sold was sight unseen to a buyer; the family viewed the video 28 times in about 3 hours online when I got the text from my client to "write it up." He LOVES that house to this day.

My website's mobile-friendly experience rivals the popular "portals,” but it’s 100% accurate and has a live human that has worked to build a relationship, with you actively monitoring your auto-searches to watch the market through your eyes. By signing up for auto-search emails with me, you will have new market information and my professional insight before any other buyer.

I strongly encourage Buyers to conduct thorough due diligence during inspections periods. Recent out of state clients of mine spent $2,400 on four separate inspections as part of their purchase. As cliché as it may be, the peace of mind this process brought them was priceless. And most importantly, if your inspections reveal a material defect you’re not comfortable with, I am more than happy to recommend you terminate the contract and start looking for another home.

Whether seeking to buy or sell a property on Bainbridge Island, I would love an opportunity to sit down and discuss how I can meet your needs.


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