Capturing Your Prize

this is where i bring my value

Do you need boots on the ground with the expertise of a couple hundred years of experience? There are dozens of variables that impact a property's value on Bainbridge Island, and only a local broker with insider knowledge can provide you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Do you need a representative who can deliver results when time is of the essence? I'm responsive, articulate, and a deep critical thinker; if you need someone who may need to get creative with your offer to ensure get you the right house, let me know.

Unlike buying a latte or a new car, a real estate transaction is an incredibly long sales cycle. As such, I will have significant time to learn your needs/desires and understand the kind of home you are seeking. And when it comes time to write an offer, I will leave no stone unturned to ensure you are putting the best foot forward.



Some people on Bainbridge Island walk to work, some spend 2+ hours on a combination of land and water based transportation (each way). Many are retired or work from home. While we don't have metropolis traffic, we have suburbia traffic. Given the way our roads impact every single trip we make around island, the proximity to town is the first and most crucial item for us to discuss.

Please, do not trust a real estate agent who does not know their way around Bainbridge Island with the task of advising you on this aspect of your home search. 


Due Diligence

  • Is the home on septic and/or well?
  • Are the HOA reserves sufficient to handle the need to address deferred maintenance?
  • How is the site drainage?
  • Can I add a bedroom?
  • Restrictions on land or unit use?
  • Can I take down these trees?
  • Can they take those trees down?

Well, now we're getting started!

If you were to hear some of the significant issues people have discovered about their properties after closing, you’d be shocked and mortified. Many hours need to be spent learning about the homes you consider purchasing, and many meetings with vendors may be required for me to give you a chance to feel confident that you are making the right decision. Reaching a smooth outcome depends on a skill level of project management that few in the real estate profession grasp. 

This is where having a decade+ middle school science teacher as your Realtor is a great strategy.



First and foremost, given how uniquely independent each home's set of characteristics can be, there is inherent need for both art and science in determining a home's value. I am religious about attending Broker Tour on Thursdays to see the week's new housing stock (new listings) in person; this way, I keep my finger on the pulse of the closed sales prices.

Secondly, affording a home loan of the magnitude required to purchase on Bainbridge isn't always straight forward in light of some property's characteristics.

Thirdly, there may be competition for the home you choose to pursue, and it could be tough.

I will help you understand how an asking price relates to recent market activity, and can provide a few names for mortgage services that can get creative and help you position yourself with intent to compete.


"When seeking financial guidance, find an advocate that has the heart of a teacher, not that of a salesman." 

- Dave Ramsey