September 2018 Bainbridge Market Report

Bainbridge Island Real Estate: SEPTEMBER 2018 Bainbridge Market Report

September saw Jason Shutt sell both the highest and lowest priced homes on Bainbridge Island, as well as one of his best frineds from college move from Seattle to Winslow.

Preview from the INVENTORY sectionThe 36 new listings is average for September over the last 4 years and below the average of 40 for the month over the last 10 years. The 92 active listings kept inventory high for buyers, and the 32 pending listings was the lowest since February. The measure of Months' Supply, at 2.9, was a sharp increase and likely shows a market moving towards being more balanced.

In FROM THE TRENCHES: If a buyer and their agent are going to negotiate seller to make repairs to the home during a transaction, it's crucial to provide documentation from a professional stating the importance.

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